Vétérinaire Montreal – Finding The Right One

Vétérinaire Montreal

Vétérinaire Montreal

Choosing a Vétérinaire in the city of Montreal is not always an easy choice to make. We make sure our Vets are experienced, have state of the art equipment and have a great philosophy to their clinic.

A Vet is an individual who gives animals medical treatment and is essentially a doctor for animals. In this field you can find many varieties of veterinarians; some who specialize in small animals, large farm animals, or Interestingly enough, wild animals. While Vets learn to treat all kinds of animals, many specialize for a specific type.  Not only that, there are some who focus on a particular type of medicine or research, such as, veterinary dermatologists.

Becoming a Vétérinaire in Montreal

In order to become a Vet in Montreal, although this may vary from place to place, they must attend college for at  2 or 4 years and take several specific science courses. Then they can apply to veterinary school, which usually takes 4 years before obtaining their degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. In Canada, you have to pass a test (called the NAVLE or North American Veterinary Licensing Exam) before being able to practice.

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